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Rural Delhi Pay More Hospital Bills than Urban Ones

Posted By : May 21 2016

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On Tuesday, Delhi Government shows a data in which you can clearly see that ruler area spend more money on hospital expenses than urbanise areas. According to data cited in the study of social consumption on Health Delhi, Delhiites spend 22,286 on each hospitalisation. And, according to the same study ruler areas of Delhi spend 31, 358 as compare to people who living in urban areas. In this amount doctor’s fee, bed charges, diagnose, test and cost of medicines is included.

If the cost of conveyance and other non-medical needs, including food, is added, the approx amount come up to INR 24,952 for the people living in urban areas and INR 34,037 for the people living in rural areas the report showed. The average expenditure incurred for treatment per hospitalised cases, excluding childbirth, has been estimated at 24,952 in the urban areas of Delhi as against an average of 26,455 in other states of India.

The expenditure incurred for treatment hospitalisation in urban areas of other states like Himachal Pardesh INR 31,160, Haryana INR 35,217 and Uttar Pradesh INR 33,402 said by the chief minister Manish Sisodia. Delhiites are healthier than the rest of the country because the rate of hospitalisation, including childbirth, per thousand populations was 41 in urban Delhi, which was lower than the national average of 49.

The proportional figure in metropolitan areas of Punjab was 40, Haryana 50, Himachal Pradesh 33, Jammu & Kashmir 37, Rajasthan 43 and Uttar Pradesh 40. The report, which is based on the results of the 71st round of the National Sample Survey (NSS), also confirm that 48 in every 1,000 people living urban areas suffered from some kind of ailment. In Delhi, out of entirety sick persons, about 9.86% persons opted for alternative like Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga, Homeopathy and i.e. The data collection for the 71st NSS round was done between January and June 2014. It is sorry to see that rural Delhi is paying more than urban areas of Delhi. All of us have the right to quality health. Master Plan Delhi 2021(MPD 2021) has ambitious provisions for creating a huge healthcare hub at rural Delhi, which is awaiting urbanisation notification from Delhi ’s Kejriwal Govt.

Implementing Land Pooling Policy, which is held up by Kejriwal Govt, is the long term solution to healthcare woes of people of outer and rural Delhi. Such problems would disappear when LLP comes into effect, as it would boost more opportunities of medications and other healthcare services, which would ultimately cut down overall cost . We hope Delhi Government soon take on positive actions of LLP.