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Land Pooling Policy FAQ Chapter No -10

Posted By : Dec 31 2018

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Delhi Development Authority

Question 1. I have 5 Ha land and a farmhouse is sanctioned and constructed over it in the land pooling area. If I do not participate in land pooling what else can I use my land?

Answer 1. The earlier sanctioned and constructed farmhouses in Land Pooling area can continue to exist as per the regularization policy of farmhouses. However, if the land is required for effectuating policy or for infrastructure, the same will be dealt as per Land Pooling Policy. No further development is allowed on such lands except through land policy in the land pooling areas.

Question 2. What are the levies and Charges to be paid by the applicant?

Answer 2. External Development Charges, processing fees and any other development charges incurred for the city infrastructure shall be payable by the DE/consortium on the actual cost basis.

Question 3. Whether the procedure and documents required for participating in Land Pooling Policy on the DDA website?

Answer 3. Yes, entire procedure, policy documents, and other information will be available will be available on the DDA website.

Question 4. Will development under Land Pooling Policy have adequate green areas?

Answer 4. As per policy, 16% of the land will be kept for city-level recreational/green areas. Also, there will be adequate green areas in residential areas in the form of neighborhood parks, tot –lots which will be developed by Developer Entity/Consortium.

Question 5. Is Land Pooling Policy envisaged in phases?

Answer 5. Land Pooling will be implemented simultaneously in all the villages notified under Land Pooling Policy.

Source From: DDA