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Irregular Water Supply Create Water War Condition in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar

Posted By : May 20 2016

Posted On : Delhi LPP


From past four weeks Sangam Vihar faced major water crises. People of Sangam Vihar captured Delhi Jal Board tankers on Thursday and protest against the inadequate and irregular water supply of colony for the past four weeks. The people started their water protest at 10 am and blocked the way of Jal Board tankers with gains plastics cans. People continued their protest till 6pm despite the sweltering heat. At the end, cops called to deal with the conditions but the residents resisted the police who tried to remove cans.

There was unconfirmed reports about a struggles between the police and the residents. But, Delhi police denied to such type of incident. A senior official said the protesters had blocked a colony road and cops removed the water cans. The most of area in Sangam Vihar have no pipe line to supply water so that, they are completely depend on water tankers of Delhi Jal Boards for daily needs. As Sangam Vihar is unauthorised colony and there are many scores of similar colonies. Grave consequences of unplanned development, no pipelines and laying a new series pipelines would entails lots of demolition and then re-constructions.

The local people alleged that from past many weeks, they were getting only 250 litres per week per family supply, which is highly inadequate. The people of Sangam Vihar end their protest after coming of local AAP MLA Dinesh Mohaniya( vice-chairman of Delhi Jal Board) reached the spot and assured people. On the assurance of the MLA residents let the tankers go. Mohaniya blamed some local leaders for inciting the people and said the issue was being politicised despite the fact that the government was trying all possible ways to ensure water supply to the area. The DJB is giving only 250 litres water to a family that too once in a week.

During peak summer, the frequency of tankers has also reduced. Residents alleged that the water meant for free distribution in the area is being sold. “They are charging R1,000 for a tanker,” said a resident. The water pipelines laid earlier are catering to a few lanes, while in most of the area taps are running dry. Mohaniya said the project is on the track and tenders will be floated soon. “We are serious about resolving the water crisis but residents need to be patient. We recently laid temporary water pipelines here and supplying water in the area covering 70% population. We are looking into the issue. On the one hand Delhi government sympathising on vote and other hand still raise question on Land Pooling Policy which is ultimate solution for unplanned and unauthorised development. We request Delhi government to take lesson from such type of pathetic conditions. It is good to regularise unauthorised colonies, we support it, but in future such sorry state sued be avoided. This leaves with one solution of starting from scratch and LPP provides excellent platform from that.

Please don’t delay development, but be a facilitator, as the actual Aam Admi would be worthy beneficiary of this policy.