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Land Pooling Policy in Delhi-NCR

One city that puts India on the world map is New Delhi and that has always been the case. However, Delhi has grown its branches in the form of NCR which has turned out to be as important. One thing which is common to all the cities in the world which have become the powerhouse of the respected nation is how well they have been able to utilize their land. Delhi has been fortunate enough to become such an influential city without having an effective land policy plan after the independence of India thanks to its rich history. But, with ever growing population and the increasing importance of its stature, time has come for Delhi to bring an extensive plan to tackle its problems pertaining to land.

DDA has launched a Master Plan 2021(MPD-2021). DDA’s planned development in the end of the last century has not shown results and one of the major factors of it is not able to resourcefully use the vast open lands here. Although recently the government has come with a very compelling way, albeit old in many of the developed countries, called as Land Pooling Policy (LPP) which is considered by many experts to be a game changer. First we need to understand what exactly is LPP and then it would easy for us to grasp its boundless benefits.

Definition of LLP- Land pooling is nothing but an assembly of small rural lands being converted into large parcels through readjustment. The infrastructure development is planned on this large land with around half the land given back to the land owners which makes it a very fair practice.

Delhi Land Pooling Policy

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LPP Benefits

The vertex of Land Pooling Policy is so huge that it would mark a new India which is now following the footsteps of the most developed cities of the world yet keeping their originality intact. The benefits of LPP are wide ranging which would immensely help to bring in a world class development through various developers as well as the government authorities.

LPP Timeline

Land pooling policy was notified in sept 2013 by the Urban Development Ministry. As per the plan, the initial phase would see different land owners/developers/societies pool their land and transfer it to the government which would return a %age of land and retain a %age to build infrastructure.DDA and the developers would work in parallel for LPP Zone.

LPP Zone

According to the Master Plan Delhi 2021, 6 zones of the assigned 15 zones come under Land Pooling Policy (LPP). These zones are J zone in South Delhi, K zone in South West Delhi, L zone in West Delhi, N zone in North West Delhi and P zone in North Delhi. These zones are to cover the entire boundaries of Delhi with magnanimous development of residency and commercial.

Sign The Petition

The benefits for Land Pooling Policy would bear fruits to all the coming generation of India. Its development planning is such that it will be inevitable to consider India a developed nation. We, thus request all of you to sign a petition acknowledging to the government of Delhi to notify Land Pooling Policy as soon as possible.

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